1. Brynjar Birthday boy! 

  2. Soooo grainy.

    Found some film the other day. This is from Sri Lanka and Dubai. 


  4. Anonymous said: hi nanna :D Do you like grimes? I love her, if you don't know who she is I suggest you check her out :) ily <3

    Yeah i really like her! I’m a big fan! 


  5. Anonymous said: hey nanna! i was just wondering what the tour bus looked like? was it big? what was in it? you should post pictures of it if you have any, that'd be cool!

    We had different buses for Europe and America. I can’t remember what they were called in Europe but they are double decker and they were kind of my favourite. But this is what the American one looks like.

    http://senatorscoaches.com/#prettyPhoto[3425-12 Bunk]/22/


  6. Anonymous said: Guitarists aren't real, are they? I tried guitaring, its impossible :(

    Guitaring are a lie. 


  7. Anonymous said: <3

    Right back at you! 


  8. Anonymous said: Do you like comics? What are your favorite comic series? :) – Lucas G.

    I do. I just finished a one shot comic called “Happy” and i recommend it!
    But some of my favourites are probably “Preacher” and “The Boys” 


  9. itsyourpai said: Hi Nanna! My name is Pai. I'm a super duper fan of you and of monsters and men. I love your music so much and just want to say thank you for making me happier by your music :) I've been following you on instagram for not so long so when i scrolled down and saw photos of you and Ragnhildur in Bangkok i freaked out because you've been here! in my hometown! and i didn't make it to see you guys! Anyway, Have a nice day, Nanna! Love from Pai :)

    Hi Pai!

    Thank you!
    I love Thailand! I love Bangkok. And i want to go back soon. Can you recommend something that locals know about and that is something i must check out next time i’m there.

    ♥ -Nanna